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Services Offered

We provide affordable in-car driving lessons. Whether you’re a first time driver or a holder of a class five driver’s licence and want to brush-up on your driving skills, we are here to steer you in the right direction.    

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Where & When Services Offered

Currently, we are licensed to do business in Burnaby and New Westminster.

Hours of operation:  

7 days a week

7:00 am - 7:00 pm  



Promotions posted here. Check back with us soon to learn about future discounts coming soon.  If you can't wait, call us to find out about driving lesson discounts offered by one of our marketing partners.

Prices and Packages

Training Vehicle

Our training vehicle is a newer model, easy-to-drive Toyota Corolla. It comes equipped with comfort control A/C climate control, vertical adjusting driver seat to accommodate the tall and not so tall driver, and dual control foot pedals for added safety. 

Sample Learning Objectives

Defensive driving strategies, hazard perception, scanning, accident protocols, steering techniques, lane changes, mirror-signal-shoulder checking, highway driving, parallel parking, traffic circles and roundabouts, reserved lanes, space margins, night driving, four-way-stops, speed zones, parallel parking, reverse stall parking and much, much more…   


   Licensed, trained, bonded and insured under the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act and Regulations of the Province of British Columbia