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ICBC Bond: Ace Driving School holds a $ 2000 bond posted with ICBC as required by the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations.  In the event that a student receives unfair services and is at odds with the Merchant, he or she may request the return of his/her tuition fees via ICBC, Driver Training Industry. 

Lesson Cancellations: Please notify us within 24 hours to cancel a driving lesson. A $30 charge applies if we have not received your notice to cancel. For cancelling ICBC road tests booked through our office, a 72 hour notice is required to avoid charges ($30).  

No show: A student who has not appeared for his/her scheduled appointment within 15 minutes of the appointed time will be considered a “no show” status and a $30 charge will apply.  

Late arrivals: If a student is late for a lesson, the lesson start time is still that of the appointed time. Please be reminded that if we are not notified of a late arrival, the instructor will be required to cancel the lesson after 15 minutes. 

Training vehicle occupants: We offer private lessons between the driver instructor and student. On occasion, a third occupant may be present to enable an agent from ICBC to conduct periodic reviews of our school’s training facilities and training practices. 

Lesson times: Lesson times are booked in half-hour increments beginning with one and a half (1.5) hours. Lessons include both driving practice and verbal instructions. Some verbal instructions require the training vehicle to be parked, but actual driving practice time will be no less than 60 % of lesson duration. Normally, lessons begin at the appointed time and end at the appointed time.  However, due to circumstances beyond the instructor’s control, the lesson start time may begin at the time of the instructor’s arrival and end according to the lesson’s duration if it is mutually agreed to by both the instructor and the student.  

Withdrawals and Refunds: Students are entitled to any unused portion of their fees if they choose to withdrawal from a course package. If hours from the course package have been used up, those used lesson hours will be charged at a rate consistent with the price per hour for the package offering those number of hours. For example: A course package of 20 hours has been pre-paid for, and 6 hours have been used up. The six hours of lessons used-up will be calculated not at the 20 hours package price but the package price that offers 6 hours. In this case, that would be the 5 hour package price. If no lesson hours have been used, then a total refund is due less a $ 30 administration fee. 

Fees and Packages: Lessons must be paid for in advance. We accept cash, major credit cards or E-transfers. For a detailed list of prices, see Prices/Packages.  

ICBC road test: If you choose to have us arrange the ICBC road test, a consent form must be filled and signed by the student. Vehicle use for road tests are available only for students who have chosen a 5 hour lesson package or more. The road test session is two hours in length: 45 min for a warm-up drive, 15 min. for a verbal review, 45 min. for the road test and 15 min. for the return ride home. For cancellations or to rebook, don’t forget to notify us within 72 hours so to avoid cancellation charges.     

Amended last on April 19, 2018