Why drive with us

Individualized Service

If you like small and individualized service, then you’ve come to the right place. We do this by providing an owner/operator experience. By doing so, your instructor is intrinsically invested in your success. When the student succeeds, we get referrals and the instructor is able to continue to do what works well for students. No more switching between instructors, repeating yourself from one staff member to another or navigating complicated protocols. At Ace Driving School, your instructor is there guiding you from the time you make your first phone call to your first lesson to passing your road test. You get to know and trust one instructor while the instructor gets to know you as a learner with individual learning needs.   


 The business of driving is a serious one, and especially for our young drivers, it is one we believe should be demonstrated through one’s actions and not one’s words alone. In keeping with this belief, you will always find Ace Driving School to be punctual on arrival to the student’s home, diligent to answer all questions, and maintain appropriate deportment in exchanges with students. In addition, any vehicle used for training purposes will have up to date inspection decals displayed, in good running order with all required maintenance completed and a clean appearance inside and out.     


   Last but not least, experience is that elusive element that all learners seek to possess. Far too many new drivers seek it through years of trial and error. Luckily for those who act on it, years of driving experience can be harnessed from driving school lessons. At Ace Driving School, our owner operator has over 30 years driving experience in Metro Vancouver and surrounding areas. More importantly is the experiences a long time driver is able to share with learners that books nor lack of experience can offer. Judging oncoming vehicle speeds when making a left turn, for example, is a skill best not learned through simple trial and error. Rather, it is one ideally learned from a skilled and experienced instructor who is able to pay attention to detail, implement corrective measures and provide varying levels of driving experiences that safely match the learner’s skill level while building confidence incrementally. While it’s true that smart drivers learn from their experiences, those who also learn from other’s experiences are truly in a class of their own.